Lieutenant Commander Tavin Th’Vhiallal

Character Name: Tavinabaolor Th’Vhiallal (Tavin)

Position: Chief Tactical & Security Officer

Species: Andorian

Gender: Then (Male)

Birthdate: 2355

Physical Description:

Standing at 6’8 and about 160lbs he appears lithe compared to the rest of the crew but it belies strength commonly underestimated. Typical of Andorians he has the Antennae and ice blue skin of his homeworld. He keeps his hair cropped close in a military manner and carries himself the same.


Born during the worst of the Andorian population crisis Tavin’s childhood was one of sheltered privilege. This sheltered lifestyle lead to disdain from his peers that Tavin bottled up. In his middling youth this resentment expressed itself in teenage rebellion and Tavin found ways to escape the confines of his sheltering parents lifestyle finding ways to escape into the ice-mines of his Homeworld to make trouble with kin of his own age.

These excursions lead to him finding bondmates of lower status in his clan than his family would have desired but by this point Tavin was not willing to go back. The freedom found in the lower ranks of the clan was worth it’s weight in deuterium. While he was happier he couldn’t escape the feeling that it was time he left to make his own mark on the galaxy for his people. Tavin channeled that adventurous soul and applied to Starfleet.

While in the Academy he distinguished himself as a decisive tactician and demanding leader, a skill set that would prove critical when war with the relatively unknown Dominion would break out months before his graduation.

After his accelerated final semester he was pushed to the forefront of the war as a junior tactical officer aboard the USS Venture. Aboard the venture he was quickly taken under the wing of the Chief Tactical – LCDR Richard Cantwell. Young ENS Tavin’s personality was shaped greatly by the no-bullshit effectiveness and intolerance for excuses of his reporting office. Aside from mutual respect in the harsh conditions of the war the two’s friendship would create a lifelong appreciation for human music and classical literature.

During the Second Battle of Deep Space 9 the Venture would be critically damaged and LCRD Cantwell would sacrifice himself to make critical repairs to the weapons systems of the ship. With the loss of his mentor Tavin was forced to step up his own performance. The increased responsibility, and the stress that came with it, took it’s toll on the recently promoted JG. Outwardly he remained stoic and determined, putting on a brave face for his men. Inside though the deep emotional wound festered.

After the war Tavin would take a leave of absence. He returned to Andor and aside from spending time with his bondmates made time for mental healing. It was during this time that he met with the Vulcan ambassadorial staff member T’se. She guided him through the finer points of Vulcan stoicism and it was through this new experience that Tavin finally felt ready to return to duty.

His next station saw him take up Tactical duties on the USS Thunderchild. This was a rather uneventful tour. Much of their time was spent helping to rebuild from the Dominion war. It was also Tavin’s first encounters with the Borg.

After the Thunderchild he took an instructor position on Earth. This was both an experience to directly indulge his appetite for earth’s media and a chance to ensure that the future of Starfleet would be ready if called to face the same action he had. The main courses he was in charge of were “Fleet Tactical Operations” and “Vessel Combat Postures – From Modulation to Hull Ablation.” Towards this end of this assignment he received and encoded transmission which lead to his next assignment. USS Incursion.

When Romulus was destroyed in 2387 the USS Incursion was dispatched immediately to provide search and rescue as well as other humanitarian services. Their recently acquired Chief Tactical Officer provided those services but was recently recruited as a liaison and point of contact for Starfleet intelligence’s black operations – Section 31. Tavin was eager, and having seen the necessity of forward thinking and proactive intelligence readily fed reporting through secure channels back to cells across the quadrant of the state of the weakened Romulan Empire.

Overtime the most dedicated and active officers find their resolve tested. Having dedicated his career to the protection of the core worlds of the federation LCDR Tavin was beginning to tire of the dirty work that keeps the federation functioning. When he heard that the USS Diligent, a vessel in an exploratory expedition to the Delta quadrant had an opening for a CTACSEC Officer. He lept at the opportunity. A mission of exploration was just the thing to cleanse a soul troubled after a life of war and secrets.

Service Record:

Academy Graduation: 2374
ENS – Junior Tactical Officer, USS Venture: 2374-2375
LTJG – Tactical Officer, USS Venture: 2375-2378
LTJG/LT – Tactical and Security Officer: USS Thunderchild: 2378 – 2381
LT – Instructor “Fleet Tactical Operations” StarFleet Academy: 2381-2386
LCDR – Chief Tactical and Security, USS Incursion: 2386-2389
LCDR – Chief Tactical and Security, USS Diligent: 2389 – ????