Character Name: Samuel (Sam) Rhys

Rank: Ensign

Position: Yeoman

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 2368

Personality Traits:

Considerate, generous, and introverted, but at times standoffish. Rhys is driven to success and dreams of command, but his aversion to interacting with people tends to be an obstacle. Understanding his own personal shortcomings, Rhys requested a posting as Yeoman to work closely alongside a ships commanding officer.


“Rhys had signed onto the Diligent immediately upon graduating the Academy. A Delta Quadrant assignment was nerve-wracking to his family, but he had some insatiable drive to do it. He’d felt the drive since the news had finally gone public that the Fourth Fleet, Bravo Fleet, had secured an ancient gateway providing access to the Delta Quadrant, not so long after the return of the U.S.S. Voyager. As a child he had dreamt of commanding a starship on the frontier. The return of Voyager when he was eleven and the subsequent Starfleet presence in the Delta Quadrant sent his dreams to the stars, so to speak.” — Episode 2

Service Record:

  • 2389-????: Ensign – USS Diligent – Yeoman
  • 2385-2389: Cadet – Stafleet Academy