General Overview:

Clara recently graduated from the academy and is a very text book character, but also seeks the approval of her peers. Her mentor in the academy, Captain Fuller see’s great potential in her. She served on the USS Tominga under his command. Clara has great potential, despite her age and maturity level. Captain Fuller did put in her file that he was a little concerned for her motivation to joining Starfleet. She felt it was her duty to help the federation against her enemies. He also stated that she was arrogant, and a little green. But showed a lot of potential.

Strengths and Weakness

Clara has a strong sense of duty and loyalty to Starfleet. When the Klingon crisis incident happened, she drew from the incident to become a stronger person emotionally. She reached out to those who where hurting. Helped take on the Burdon of war.

Her greatest weakness is the fact she is young and at times a little naïve. She finds it hard to trust in the emotions of others, and often tends to peak into their mind, to see how she can help them.

Starfleet has warned her about mind probing without permission, and since joining she has restrained from mind probing, but during the crisis, she felt a sense of duty, to get the Starfleet officers back on track and help them through the crisis.

Her application to Starfleet was met with criticism, mainly because she abused her telepathic abilities when she was a young teenager. Her parents placed their reputation on the line for her, and her loyalty to family was able to keep her in bay.


To become a starship Captain someday.

Hobbies & Interests

Clara was raised to like playing racquet ball, her father and her where very competitive. Beyond that sport, Clara has not really shown any other interest, beyond helping people. She is hoping serving on a starship will open her mind up to new hobbies and interests.