Lieutenant Beryl Hammond

Task Force 38 Player of the Month: June 2019

Character Name: Beryl Hammond

Position: Chief Engineer

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 2344

Physical Description:

6' 1" tall. Toned musculature, but not bulky. Bright red hair that is generally kept slicked back. Has sported a short red beard at previous commands, will probably again if new commands allow. Green eyes, often wears a single contact-lens while on duty that enhances vision while inspecting micro-circuitry. When worn, lens gives his left eye a slightly mechanical look (similar in appearance to Geordi's eyes post-visor).


Grew up on a frontier world, where his parents had moved to help start a colony. Both parents were engineers, and were enamored with the idea of building up a new civilization from nothing. So naturally, Beryl ended up following in their footsteps. He grew up tinkering with replicators, power converters, transport enhancers… So when the time came, Beryl applied to and attended Starfleet Academy.

Due to the timing of his graduation from Starfleet Academy, Beryl’s first steps as a Starfleet officer were directly to the front lines in the Dominion War. Assigned to the USS Mirage, an Akira-class warship on the front lines, he spent many many hours making repairs on the fly, in dangerous conditions. It didn’t take long for Beryl to become an expert on ship’s systems, and when an unexpected attack killed the chief engineer, he stepped up and took charge. While a replacement chief engineer was sent shortly thereafter, Beryl Hammond’s efforts were noted and commended in his service record.

When Beryl’s service onboard the USS Mirage came to an end, he returned to Starfleet Academy to teach for his shore duty. While a little junior to be an instructor, the war had taken the lives of many of Starfleet’s senior officers, so his request was granted. There he taught the standard engineering courses, but also taught a few classes on “electro-mechanical triage.” While the Federation had long been on a peaceful mission of exploration and learning, the recent conflicts with the Borg and the Dominion left Starfleet no choice but to accept that perhaps there was a need for slightly more focus on how to handle combat situations. Beryl taught his cadets some repair and bypass methods that might not be by-the-book exactly, but would keep a starship in the fight if the need arose.

When Starfleet announced the excursion into the Delta Quadrant in an attempt to gain a foothold, he immediately applied for the Chief Engineer position on the USS Diligent. The idea of exploring a new quadrant, and helping colonists, spoke to his roots. He also knew of the dangers of the Delta Quadrant, and figured his experience fighting the Dominion may come in handy. Who knows what other foes might challenge the Federation?

Service Record:

Starfleet Academy (student): 2371-2375
USS Mirage: 2375-2383
Starfleet Academy (instructor): 2383-2389