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    Elgor Rae
    Elgor Rae

    A joint post by:
    Elgor Rae, Marcus Bancroft, Tavin Th’Vhiallal, Cal Everett, Rosheen Hughes, Clara Watson, and Beryl Hammond

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Bridge
    // Episode Day 21, 0350 Hours

    The Diligent stood poised to attempt a rescue of the trapped ship. The captain sat in the center chair contemplating the situation.

    “Ensign Watson,” Rae started. “When we knock that ship loose will we be able to get a lock on whoever is inside? Will it be safe to transport them after they‘ve been in this state?” he asked, motioning to the viewer and the small vessel trapped in time.

    “Yes we will, I will be monitoring the power flow distribution to the main deflector. Once we knock the ships free, we will gain a clear target lock.” Clara said, as started to monitor all power flows into the main deflector. “We will have a small window to beam them out.” Clara said, with a slight look of concern on her face.

    “Commander Bancroft,” Rae said. “Greet our guests and assess the situation once we beam them over. Take whoever you need and have Doctor Hughes meet you there. We don’t know what condition our visitors will be in. We’ll hold them in the buffer until you’re in position.”

    “Aye, captain,” Bancroft replied, standing up. “Tavin, you’re with me,” he ordered, before stopping by the weapons locker next to the MSD. He pulled out two Type-II phasers, and clipped one to his belt before tossing the other to the Andorian security officer. “Heavy stun. Bridge to Sickbay, Dr. Hughes please report to Transporter Room One,” he said, inclining his head to activate the intraship communicator.

    “Mr. Hammond,” Rae continued as the first officer departed the bridge, “let’s get this started.”

    “Aye aye captain, generating sustained inverse tachyon pulse in 3…2…1… now.” Hammond counted down as he brought the deflector modification online. Through the viewscreen he saw the visual results as a wide but faint beam of light emitting from the deflector and hitting the time bubble. Hammond closely monitored the deflector output, quickly adjusting for errors as the subspace eddies pulled at the beam.

    “Commander Everett, you should be seeing a reaction to the inverse tachyon pulse any time now. It’s a large temporal anomaly but it should be starting to respond.” Hammond called out. “I grant that this is a fairly unusual event already, but request you inform me of any unexpected responses. I’m pretty busy monitoring the deflector’s output, and you’ll get a much better readout of the anomaly from your station anyway.”

    Hammond risked a moment to look about the bridge. While he had “seen it” when he looked up the ship’s specs after receiving his assignment, this was his first in-person visit to the bridge. It was a nice layout. Maybe he’d have to man the engineering post up here more often. Hadn’t had much of a chance to do that on his last ship. Hard to justify visiting the bridge when the Dominion are pounding on the ship… Hammond brought himself back out of his memories and continued his deflector adjustments.

    “On my way, Commander.” Rosheen took a moment to rummage through the one remaining unpacked box before adding the tool to her medkit and heading for the Transporter Room.

    “Temporal cascade beginning,” Cal confirms. They watch as the disrupted space-time writhes for a moment, almost fighting, and then releases; the smaller of the ships shifts and bobs free of its clutches. The larger ship remains still and untouched. “Everything looks good, anomaly is responding…the small ship is free. Looks like the larger ship may be too centralized for the cascade to reach. I’ll monitor it alongside the anomaly.”

    “Ensign Watson, transport whoever is on that ship to transporter room one. Have the transporter room hold them in the buffer until Commander Bancroft is ready.”

    “Gaining a pattern lock on the occupant. Increasing power to the buffer, signal is locked. Energizing remotely Captain.” Clara called out, not really sure why she was calling out. Maybe in her mind, she was going through the steps, to make sure she did not miss a step. The person on the other ship, was successfully beamed over to Transporter room.

    “Well done, ensign,” Rae replied. The captain activated the comm. “Bridge to Commander Bancroft. Your guests are waiting in the buffer.”

    Commander Elgor Rae
    Commanding Officer

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