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    Elgor Rae
    Elgor Rae

    A joint post by:
    Doctor Riosch (NPC) and Beryl Hammond

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Bridge Turbolift
    // Episode Day 21, 0520 Hours

    Doctor Riosch stepped into the turbolift alongside Commander Tavin following the meeting in the Observation Lounge. They made their way to engineering now to meet with Lieutenant Hammond.

    “I appreciate the escort commander, and the rescue,” he said as the doors hissed closed. “Tell me,” he continued, “your crew is new to this part of space, yes?”

    // Engineering, Minutes Later

    Doctor Riosch and commander Tavin strode from the turbolift onto the Engineering deck. The hum of the warp core here was ever palpable, and Riosch admired the space. The Diligent was a tiny vessel compared to what he was accustomed to but the heart of the ship here made it feel immense. He noted the ship didn’t seem to be equipped with a transwarp matrix. He must have been a little farther back in time than he originally though. He still wasn’t sure of Starfleet’s technological timeline either way though, there wasn’t much use for him to be aware of it before.

    They approached a man bearing the rank of lieutenant assisting a junior officer.

    “Lieutenant Hammond?” Riosch inquired.

    “Uh, yes? Have we met before?” Hammond turned to the newcomers, slowly working out a reply to the newcomer while giving the commander a quick nod.

    “Oh. Oh!” Hammond quickly put the pieces together before anyone could actually reply to him. “You must be from the ship! Glad you’re alive. Glad we’re alive! Pulling you out was a fun little trick of engineering and modern science! I have a few questions for you, as I’m sure you can imagine.” Hammond started pulling up some of his figures and calculations, then stopped himself. “You know, maybe I should just let you tell me what you and your crew were doing first. That would probably clear up a lot without me bombarding you with questions. Though maybe you have a few questions of your own first? I imagine you didn’t stroll down here just for my benefit.” Hammond turned away from the panel and gave the newcomer and the commander his full attention. Then, realizing the ensign he’d been talking to was still patiently waiting for him, he pressed his thumb on the datapad to acknowledge the report and waved him away.

    Riosch cleared his throat and gathered his thoughts, the lieutenant had thrown a lot at a man whose mind still felt a haze from the temporal disorientation. “Your captain has directed me to not…overshare, so I’m afraid I can only give you the basics. We were re-opening the Mordred gateway. This,” he motioned to a monitor feeding out information from the sensors on his ship and the temporal anomaly, “was not the desired result. Suffice to say, I have much to investigate when I get back to where I belong. Now,” he continued, “as to why I’m here, I requested to see your frequency calculations and dispersal pattern for freeing my ship. Since I’m rather close to the subject, I may be able to offer further insight.”

    Hammond nodded and quickly punched in the commands to pull up the requested calculations. All the numbers he’d been running quickly appeared on the screen for Riosch to review. “Here’s what I’ve got so far” Hammond began to explain. “The modifications I’ve made to our various deflector dishes will allow the Diligent and her shuttles to provide a cascading inverse tachyon pulse at these frequencies…” Hammond expressed a little concern at this point: “Now, the Diligent was able to barely free you. I am confident we can free the larger vessel with the help of our shuttles, but I am 80% certain the process will blow out the deflectors on at least 1 shuttle. I can fix it afterwards, sure, but if you have some suggestions to help the smaller deflector dishes last longer, I’m all ears!” Hammond then subconsciously checked to make sure his ears were still there, remembering the Vidiaans had a history of stealing body parts…

    Riosch took the datapad and thumbed through what the engineer had put together thus far. The work was solid, Riosch would give him that, especially considering the limited time this crew had to analyze and calculate the situation. Riosch took a minute to make a few adjustments and additions before passing the data back to Hammond. “These modifications should help stabilize your auxiliary craft deflector systems and allow the structural integrity fields to absorb more of the feedback from the pulse without additional strain on the deflector. I’ve made one more change there that should also keep the Diligent stable as well. You will likely lose one of your worker craft if you’re not particularly cautious about them, however.”

    Elgor Rae
    Elgor Rae

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Shuttle Bay
    // Episode Day 21, 09:45 Hours
    // Ensign Samuel Rhys, Captain’s Yeoman (NPC)

    The shuttle bay of the Diligent was the most expansive space aboard the ship and Ensign Rhys appreciated the breathing room. Having lived most of his life in the open air of a planet’s atmosphere, and then his early assignment with the Earth Spacedock, time aboard the Diligent felt cramped. It still wasn’t home, and his duties were exhausting, but the rush of arriving in the Delta Quadrant hadn’t yet worn off enough to dull his focus, even running on two hours of sleep as he now did.

    Rhys secured an emergency maintenance kit in place below the newly installed enhanced deflector systems of the runabout Yser. Lieutenant Hammond and his crew had quickly outfitted both runabouts with the enhancements to impact the monstrous rift outside. Ensign Rhys was tasked with running final checks and resupply on the Yser. With his primary duty as Yeoman he had an ever-evolving agenda presented to him.

    Neither of the runabouts had seen much action yet. Prior to Commander Rhys assuming command the Diligent had been assigned two Type-10 shuttles. Smaller and less capable, the Volga-class Yser and Namsen were much preferred for the day’s duty. The ensign activated the helm panel and cycled the automated diagnostics. The sensors ticked to life, mapping the complex network of subspace and temporal rifts outside the ship. It would require tight maneuvering to get in close to the rift and its prey. The job had gone to the ship’s executive officer and chief helm officer, the two best-equipped pilots aboard.

    The board was green. Rhys left the ship on standby for its pilot and exited through the main hatch. Back in the open he resisted the urge to make an exaggerated stretch as Chief Belgu approached. The Engineer’s Mate had been running the same checks on the Namsen.

    “How’s it looking, Chief?” Rhys asked on approach.

    Namsen is all-good,” he replied, taking a datapad from Rhys as the two met. He scanned the results quickly. “So is Yser. Perfect.”

    “Aye,” Rhys replied. “Quite the maze out there.”

    “It is, whole place is turned upside down. Hard to believe our main doorway home used to be here. Just a giant death trap now.”

    “What do you make of it all?”

    “Our Phage-free Vidiian friend and a huge time spiral? Tryin’ not to think about it, kid.”

    Rhys frowned, the chief knew that nickname was tiresome. The two had served together since Rhys graduation, somehow ending up on assignment to a tiny starship in an obscure corner of the Delta Quadrant, and in that time Belgu had proven a comforting, if not short-tempered friend.

    “I think most people try not to, but what do you think them being here does? If we meet them now, does that mean what they know to be our future will never come to be? What does our coming here to help them mean? What are we missing right now?”

    Belgu shrugged. “That’s very deterministic of you.”

    “Is that the term?”

    “Probably,” the chief shrugged again.

    “Well, what do you think?”

    “What do I think about what?”

    Rhys frowned. “You weren’t listening, were you?”

    “Look, I’m an enlisted engineer, kid. I started off blowing things up, now I put them together. But,” he rolled his eyes. “Cause and effect. We’re here and not where we would have been. We’ve been tainted by knowing something, anything about them. How much do timelines diverge? How many of ‘em are there? I dunno. What I know is these ships,” he said holding up the datapad, “are good to go.”

    “And,” Whys asked after a moment.

    “And what? This thing has us running late, get back to it,” he finished, waving the ensign off.

    Clara Watson

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Deck 3
    //Personal Quarters, 09:50 Hours

    Clara had just completed having breakfast with an interesting man. It was clear he liked her. She thought he was very nice. She could not believe, she agreed to try a date later on. At the moment, she was heading to her quarters, to get some sleep. When she noticed a silhouette approaching her. She smiled as she looked at the person approaching her position. “May I help you sir?” Clara asked, as she waited for the officer, to say something. She was tired, and about to go to bed for the night.

    Kaden watched as Clara spoke with the officer. He didn’t know what it was but she was like a magnet pulling him in. He was headed to his quarters as well when he saw her once more. What a coincidence!

    “Are you following me now sir?” Clara said, with big grin on her face. She softly bit her lip. Trying to look cute and adorable for him. She wondered, what he was doing here. Maybe they lived on the same deck, she forgot to ask.

    “Heading to my quarters,” Kaden explained with a smile. “I am not too far down the hallway and to the right. I was just as surprised to see you.”

    “Well I suppose you can walk me to my quarters.” She said, deciding to have a little teasing fun with Kaden. Was he a gentleman, and would walk a lady home. Or was he rude, and not a gentleman.

    “I am taking you up on that,” Kaden smiled. She had given him a reason to spend more time with her and he wasn’t passing that up for anything. “Shall we?”

    “What a gentleman, maybe there is hope for you.” She said, as she wrapped her arm around his, with a big smile on her face. “Where have you been hiding the last few days?” She asked him, knowing they all just boarded the USS Diligent, a few days ago.

    “I’m the conn Officer,” Kaden replies. “There is a lot of paperwork I have to do.” He smiled at her. “And possibly you just overlooked me because I have seen you several times.”

    “Oh really blaming the lady, are we?” She asked pretending to be upset, but she was not. She was just giving him a little grief. And she had a tone of humor in her voice. She was not really good, about playing a bitchy type of woman.

    “I’m just wounded,” Kaden teased.”That you didn’t notice me before today.” He liked her personality. She had a sense of humor, something he was looking for.

    “I was not looking for an older man to hit on me. It just happened naturally.” Clara suggested to him, with a playful grin on her face. She had never considered dating an older man. She had always assumed, she would date someone her own age. But this Kaden guy was trying, and she liked it. So she decided hey why not! But not today, but soon. If he kept playing his cards right.

    Kaden smiled. “Well, I have dated women mostly around my own age as well. This caught me by surprise but I can feel it, that it wasn’t worth the risk to talk to you.”

    Clara was not sure how she felt about being idolized. She tried to brush it off. “I see, and what do you think of your chances?” She asked, looking at him with a big grin. Then the intercom went off, telling the senior staff to report to the bridge. “Hold that thought. Time for me to heading to the bridge. Duty calls.” She said with a big grin on her face.

    Elgor Rae
    Elgor Rae

    A joint post by:
    Elgor Rae, Marcus Bancroft, Kaden Thiesman, Tavin Th’Vhiallal, and Clara Watson

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Bridge
    // Episode Day 21, 10:00 Hours

    Commander Rae sat opposite operations for the first time, assuming the helm for the coming events. The crew of the Diligent stood ready to put their plan into motion. They would free the Vidiian cruiser from the future stuck in the vast temporal rift before them.

    They set the plan: Commander Bancroft and Lieutenant Thiesman would pilot the Yser and the Namsen closer to the Vidiian cruiser to help free it using their own deflectors to generate inverted tachyon pulses. Operations would remotely pilot and monitor the ships two work bee craft to do the same. Science and engineering would monitor and adjust the Diligent’s own tachyon pulse to avoid potentially crippling feedback. Tactical would track the vast field of wandering temporal anomalies and coordinate course corrections between all parties in motion. The captain now took the helm himself for the occasion, leaving the ship’s chief counselor alone in the center ring, a rare occasion on the bridge.

    The smaller craft belonging to Doctor Riosch now navigated in towards its larger companion ship. While the Neta would generate an initial pulse along with the rest of the flotilla, it would quickly route its power to elsewhere in preparation to pass through the rift and return to its own time.

    The crew had split moments ago, now en route to their respective destinations. The captain watched the navigation panel as he tapped to activate a port dorsal thruster to roll the Diligent into a position that provided a wide clearance from the shuttle bay with any of the drifting anomalies, giving the departing auxiliary craft plenty of room to breathe. The bridge awaited the rest of the ships to arrive in formation.

    The plan had been checked and re-checked more times than T’Laruk could count, and yet he felt a certain trepidation. Perhaps it was because something was about to go sideways. Perhaps it was because he was closer to the Captain’s Chair than the Captain, and the Captain was not only on the Bridge but seated at a station. Perhaps it was just the collective nervousness of his shipmates bleeding into his own consciousness.

    He closed his eyes, nodded his head a few times, and opened them again, his mind clear. This was no time for nagging thoughts. Not while there was work to be done. He tapped a few commands into his station, bringing up a split screen of both a full Engineering readout and a general Comm menu. In mere moments the shuttles and worker bee drones would arrive at their respective points in the formation, and the Vidiian scientist would return to his own time.

    // Runabout Yser

    Lieutenant Commander Bancroft stepped aboard the runabout as it was raised from the lower hanger bay to the launch bay on the elevator platform. The small runabouts were just large enough to be designated as such and just small enough to fit in the Diligent’s equally-petite launch facilities. A crack pilot himself, Bancroft was decked out in the standard white-yoked flight suit, which would give him a little bit of extra protection in case something unexpected were to occur during the mission.

    “Computer, configure for single pilot operation and begin flight checks,” Bancroft ordered, as the hatch closed behind him.

    “Fuel: Nominal. Impulse Engines: Nominal. Warp Engines: Nominal. Reaction Control Thrusters: Nominal. Sensors: Nominal. Defensive systems: Online. Deflector Array: Configured to mission parameters. All systems: Nominal and ready for launch,” the computer reported dutifully. Normally split into two free-standing stations, the helm and operations consoles at the front of the cockpit slid together as the unnecessary seat folded into the floor, to give a single user a better view out the view screen and a better handle on the controls.

    “Bridge, this is Yser. Departing now,” Bancroft said, as he sat down in the pilot’s chair and took the controls. The runabout hovered gently off of the deck for a moment before the thrusters activated and accelerated the small ship out of the hanger, clearing the fantail deck and then doing an elaborate about-face maneuver under the Diligent to come along to a parallel course.

    // Runabout Namsen

    Lieutenant Thiesman had boarded the Namsen when he received his orders. He did a thorough check of the runabout to make certain, for himself, that it was one hundred percent ready for this mission.

    Once he got clearance from the bridge, he notified the commander of the Yser he was departing and headed out to take his position to prepare to free the ship. Kaden has every confidence that they would succeed. It was imperative that they do so. Both he and Bancroft were excellent pilots, and they had the determination to see it through.

    “Lieutenant Thiesman,” He called the bridge. “Namsen is in position and ready.” Kaden set his mind for his duty, relaxed and ready.

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Bridge

    “Acknowledged, Yser and Namsen,” Rae replied. He engaged the ship’s thrusters and pointed the bow directly at the anomaly. “Moving into position now. Ops, deploy the work bees into formation. Tactical, take us to red alert and bring shields to full. Secure all station, maintain tracking on those subspace anomalies, we don’t know how they’re going to react to disrupting the main event.” he finished as the lights on the bridge dimmed and the hum of the alert klaxon sounded through the ship.

    “Yessir- Red alert and shields at full. Seeing minor energy fluctuations in the conduits leading from the deflectors. Shouldn’t be an issue though.” Tavin snapped into the familiar now familiar role at ships tactical. The last few weeks had been a disorienting experience between the new task force, the new ship, and of course the new quadrant of space. His first experience with temporal anomalies could have gone worse. Not to jinx it but after hearing horror stories about them, there was a certain trepidation and deliberateness in all of Tavin’s actions.

    “Sir. Monitoring the bees and keeping a… “weather eye” I think is the human term, on the runabouts. Everything seems on the up and up.” Tavin hunched over the console reviewing the new data as it flooded in. The deflectors were doing an admirable job filtering out much of the interference from the anomalies but something seemed for lack of a better word off, in the energy spikes buffeting the deflector arrays.

    YserDilligent. Sir, keep an eye on the static positron buildup coming off of those eddys. I’m having some trouble filtering it off of the Diligent and the Yser doesn’t have nearly as strong deflectors as we do. It should be fine for now but just for your awareness.”

    “Incoming message from the Neta,” came a report from behind the captain.

    “Put it through,” he replied.

    The voice of Riosch came on over the comm. The man was steady, having had time to gather himself after the initial shock of his transition to the new time. One wondered what it would be like aboard the Rennar when so many people faced a similar jolt. Maybe the presence of familiar faces would make the entire situation a nonissue. Rae focused his attention on the man’s voice, “I’m in position and standing by, Diligent. What’s your status?”

    “We’re good to go here, Doctor,” Rae responded.

    “I’d suggest we proceed them, time of is of the essence after all.”

    Rae chuckled and suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. “All ships,” he said, activating an open channel to the group, “prepare to engage deflectors and active the pulse on my mark.”

    Rae entered a few more commands into the helm to stabilize the ship’s course and steady it. “Engage,” he said.

    The deflector of the Diligent, Yser, Namsen, Neto, and the two modified work bees energized simultaneously. The field began to shift, the temporal eddy’s blanketing the area slid out of place in reaction to a chain of events happening within the main tear. Rae engaged the thrusters to make provide a safe buffer of space for the ship. The Diligent was small relative to much of the fleet, but pinned here between anomalies it felt too big.

    “What’s the status of the rift?” Rae asked the bridge.

    “Chroniton particle density falling, sixty-three percent…fifty-seven…”

    Rae nodded, “good, keep the pressure up.”

    After a few more moments the Mordred nebula seemed to go quiet. The rift caught around the Renaar suspended itself, or brilliant hue of blue light, frozen. The ship was free, the eddys surrounding the main event seemed to collapse in on themselves, opening the way for the cadre of ships to approach. Thrusters firing, Rae moved the Diligent in immediately while the fleet maintained their deflector pulses.

    “Ensign Watson, engage the tractor beam, full strength reverse polarity. Let’s send them home.”

    Clara had barely made it back to the bridge, when she heard the order. She relieved her duty replacement, and started to activate the transporter beam. “Reversing the polarity now captain.” Clara said, as she carefully watched the power flow regulations of the beam, and its intensity.

    The glow of the tractor beam grabbed the Rennar and pushed the ship back from whence it came. Seconds later, it was gone, with the Neta following close behind.

    Clara Watson

    The runabouts were still out there, and Clara wondered what was going on. Well she was only curious about the Namsen. As much as she hated to admit it to herself, she was growing a soft spot for him. His persistence was growing on her. For the moment, things on the bridge were idle, so she was thinking about Kaden.

    She was slightly distracted, but still able to do her job. “They are heading back, Captain. Trajectory path is within expected perimeters.” Clara called out, trying to fight off her fatigue, and mind distraction. She grabbed her cup of coffee. As she took a sip, she waited to hear, if the captain said anything.

    Elgor Rae
    Elgor Rae

    A joint post by:
    Elgor Rae, Kaden Thiesman, and Clara Watson

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Bridge
    // Episode Day 21, 10:20 Hours

    “The ship is free, Captain.” Clara said, feeling a little redundant. The main viewer showed him that. She was a little tired, but she had a job to do. So she pushed her fatigue to the side and powered through it.

    Rae nodded. “How’s local space looking? Have all the eddy’s cleared?”

    Clara was not sure what to make of this rift. What was the point of it? Was it a tear in fabric that lead to another tear in fabric? Was it anti-matter rift, attempting to destroy their own universe? She had a lot of questions, hopefully one of the science guys would be able to answer them. She was very relieved, the USS Diligent, was back in free space. Or as the captain called it, local space.

    Maybe the questions on the rift were already answered, when she was getting breakfast. She had a long shift, and had to wake the senior staff up, real early. She continued to man her station, waiting for orders to come in.

    “Yes sir,” came the reply. “No sign of any further disturbances.”

    “Good,” Rae said, letting out a sigh. “Call the work pods in, Ensign Watson,” he said tapping the comm controls, “Diligent to Yser and Namsen, bring yourselves home, well done.”

    Rae departed the helm and made his way back to the center chair, taking a seat next to Counselor T’Laruk.

    Clara had done as the captain had asked of her. The pods were being recalled, which made brought a sigh of relief to all on the bridge. For Clara, it brought a momentary sigh. She knew, she would be tasked with repairing the pods. More work, the old additive was true, job security. Never have to worry about loosing your job as an operations officer. Always plenty of work to do.

    // Runabout Namsen

    Kaden sighed in satisfaction. Their efforts had been a success. He didn’t pat himself on the back though, it had been a group effort. Still, it felt good to know that they had gotten a job well done.

    He headed back to the ship. There would be a report to file and things to do and then Kaden had a date to look forward to. It might not be today but as long as there was one he was happy.

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Bridge

    “Riosch seems to have found success,” Rae said. As he relaxed into his chair, the captain’s eye caught something on the viewer. A momentary flash of light. The sound of alarms sounded at the same time from several consoles on the deck. The silence of the nebula was shattered once again, and the rift they had sealed was back.

    The viewscreen immediately dropped an overlay around the distortion, taking measurements and feeding critical data to the bridge crew. The rift was tiny compared to what it had been, but it was growing rapidly. They would need to shut it quickly.

    “Report,” Rae ordered quickly to the bridge as a sudden surge left him grabbing hold of the nearby science console to maintain balance.

    “Temporal anomaly back on sensors, sir. Gravimetric sheers are increasing and we’re picking up the formation of subspace eddy’s within close proximity again. Main anomaly is seven percent of its original size. We’re calculating growth rate now. Nothing serious in local space yet but it’s going to knock us around a bit,” came the response from Lt. Commander Everett over the sound of the yellow alert klaxon warning the crew to brace themselves for more potential turbulence.

    “The runabouts?” Rae asked.

    “They’re fine, the Namsen and Yser should be feeling it less than we are so far.”

    “Good,” Rae nodded. Before he could continue, another change was visible on the magnified screen. A small ship emerged, only a third the size of the Diligent. The captain focused his vision before recognizing the vessel. The Neto. The ship that not minutes ago taken Doctor Riosch through to his own time. Where before the Diligent had found and rescued derelict ship, the Neto now moved with a purpose.

    “Hail them,” Rae said with concern creeping into his voice as he placed himself back in the command chair, safe from the sudden jarring of the subspace eddy’s spreading through the area.

    Diligent to Riosch, what’s happened?” he asked after the chime of the comm sounded the open channel.

    The response came via audio only. “What has happened is that I have been presented an opportunity I cannot ignore, commander. The Phage devastated my people. It took our dignity, it made us a twisted, horrific version of ourselves. And not long ago, it took from me the partner I held most dear. But not here. Not now. She is still alive. Young. When she crumpled under the Phage as so many of us have I drove myself into my work, and it led me here. It led me across time so I can save her and so many more. But that’s not worth your attention now, you have before you a tear in space that will consume time itself unless you stop it, and aboard my own ship I have a transwarp drive you have no hope of keeping pace with. Pick your battles, Commander Rae. Goodbye.”

    The channel cut off and on the main viewer the Neto dove away from the three ships clustered around the temporal rift at high speed. Rae was quiet for a moment as he gathered his thoughts on the sudden evolution of the moment. Soon after the small ship would disappear in a burst of light, achieving speeds the Diligent couldn’t fathom.

    Rae bit the inside of his lip and found himself gripping his armrest in frustration. He felt betrayed and helpless, a moment of success torn out from under his crew.

    “How do we close this?” he asked to his staff.

    Clara began to run a few test simulations on the spatial rifts, she was looking for different ways to close the rift. The first idea, she had was a graviton pulse, but she was unsure, how big the temporal rift, was on the other side. She was also not sure, what was on the other side. She knew the Vidiians, were exploiting this rift. “We could use a graviton pulse to close our end of the rift.” She said, curious to hear, what the Captain was going to say.

    Rae nodded, “calibrate and do it.”

    Clara started to work with the science team, to close the rift. She had feed power in the main deflector, to help create the graviton pulse. The beam was effective. It was starting to close the rift. The results, could be seen on the main viewer, and slowly by slowly, the rift closed. After the rift had closed, she discontinued power on the beam. “There we go.” She softly called out.

    Rae sat silently, eyes locked on the viewer. It was gone. Right? He’d thought that earlier too. As certainty began to creep up his spine the captain lifted himself from his chair again and moved towards the front of the deck, positioning himself near the conn and operations stations in case another sudden surge necessitated grabbing a fixture for stability.

    After a moment Rae finally replied, “well done, ensign,” he said. “Continue monitoring the last position of the rift and recall our auxiliary craft. Sound the alarm if it looks like that thing is opening again,” he said, motioning to the viewer.

    Rae moved back to the center chair and dropped into it, heaving a quiet sigh. “Now what the hell was that all about?” he asked under his breath.

    Clara Watson

    “Understood Captain. I will continue to monitor the area.” Clara said, as she started to take a moment, to relax. To allow the moment, to consume her. She gave a small sigh of relief, before looking at her monitors closely. For the moment, everything was all clear.

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