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    Olepis Blythe
    Olepis Blythe

    A joint post by:
    Rosheen Hughes and Olepis Blythe

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Sickbay
    // Episode Day 21, 00:50 Hours

    Rosheen looked up as Olepis came in. With a sharp click of her fingers, she assigned a nurse to assist him while she continued treating her current patient.
    “Are you the last ones in here?” asked the nurse as she began repairing the damage to his forearm.

    “If they not, we ha’v bigger pro’lems tha’ sprained wrists a’ bruised appe’dages,” remarked the Doctor blithely. Curse her accent, it always came out in full force mid-crisis.

    “Unfortunately no,” yelped Olepis, he was still a little loopy from the pain. “Anyone who wasn’t strapped down took a tumble.” He looked to the nurse and held out the burnt arm. “I already cleaned it up in decon, but it still hurts like crazy. Please, be gentle.”

    His gaze turned towards Rosheen, and, as he does so, he spots the patches on her uniform. “So you are the head honcho around here! I’m sorry we had to meet like this. Curious, that accent is unfamiliar to me. Would you mind telling me where it is you come from?”

    “Where am I fro’, lad? I’m Irish, and aye, in charge I be.” Rosheen smiled, then paused to collect herself. “Sorry about the accent, it comes out whenever I haven’t the time to think about what I say.”

    “No need to apologize! I can’t say I’ve ever been to the Emerald Isle. I grew up in a Mars mining colony. That place was little less scenic… unless you have a thing for unending dry deserts,” Olepis emitted a half hearted chuckle. “Well, that’s how Mars was back in the day. The planet is far more habitable now, thanks to advancements in terraforming tech.”

    Olepis flinched in pain as the nurse worked on his burn. “Maybe we should just cut the thing off,” he quipped with playful smirk.

    “Keep squirming like that and I just might,” said the nurse with a frown. “I can always reattach it once I’m done repairing the damage,” she added with a smirk of her own.

    Rosheen suppressed a chuckle. “Yes, well, let’s no’ be too hasty.” She finished with the sprained ankle of the crewman from Astrometrics and sent him on his way. “I dinnae get to see the Isle myself until I was eighteen. Grew up on Starbase 56.” The ship rumbled again slightly. “Do ya have any idea wha’s going on?” she asked.

    “I’m assuming the disturbances have something to do with this nebula the we’ve recently entered,” Replied Olepis. “Cal was attempting to interpret distorted sensor readings just a little bit ago. It is safe to assume that cause of the distortion and the quakes are related. I’ll have to meet up with him and see what he found.”

    The nurse finished her work on Olepis’s burn. Other than some minimal scarring, the appendage looked good as new. “Well, I thank you all for your services. If you ever find yourself interested in the sciences, feel free to stop by my department. I’m always fiddling around with something.” With that, he waved goodbye and left the sickbay.

    Elgor Rae
    Elgor Rae

    A joint post by:
    Elgor Rae, Marcus Bancroft, Tavin Th’Vhiallal, Cal Everett, Rosheen Hughes, Clara Watson, and Beryl Hammond

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Bridge
    // Episode Day 21, 0350 Hours

    The Diligent stood poised to attempt a rescue of the trapped ship. The captain sat in the center chair contemplating the situation.

    “Ensign Watson,” Rae started. “When we knock that ship loose will we be able to get a lock on whoever is inside? Will it be safe to transport them after they‘ve been in this state?” he asked, motioning to the viewer and the small vessel trapped in time.

    “Yes we will, I will be monitoring the power flow distribution to the main deflector. Once we knock the ships free, we will gain a clear target lock.” Clara said, as started to monitor all power flows into the main deflector. “We will have a small window to beam them out.” Clara said, with a slight look of concern on her face.

    “Commander Bancroft,” Rae said. “Greet our guests and assess the situation once we beam them over. Take whoever you need and have Doctor Hughes meet you there. We don’t know what condition our visitors will be in. We’ll hold them in the buffer until you’re in position.”

    “Aye, captain,” Bancroft replied, standing up. “Tavin, you’re with me,” he ordered, before stopping by the weapons locker next to the MSD. He pulled out two Type-II phasers, and clipped one to his belt before tossing the other to the Andorian security officer. “Heavy stun. Bridge to Sickbay, Dr. Hughes please report to Transporter Room One,” he said, inclining his head to activate the intraship communicator.

    “Mr. Hammond,” Rae continued as the first officer departed the bridge, “let’s get this started.”

    “Aye aye captain, generating sustained inverse tachyon pulse in 3…2…1… now.” Hammond counted down as he brought the deflector modification online. Through the viewscreen he saw the visual results as a wide but faint beam of light emitting from the deflector and hitting the time bubble. Hammond closely monitored the deflector output, quickly adjusting for errors as the subspace eddies pulled at the beam.

    “Commander Everett, you should be seeing a reaction to the inverse tachyon pulse any time now. It’s a large temporal anomaly but it should be starting to respond.” Hammond called out. “I grant that this is a fairly unusual event already, but request you inform me of any unexpected responses. I’m pretty busy monitoring the deflector’s output, and you’ll get a much better readout of the anomaly from your station anyway.”

    Hammond risked a moment to look about the bridge. While he had “seen it” when he looked up the ship’s specs after receiving his assignment, this was his first in-person visit to the bridge. It was a nice layout. Maybe he’d have to man the engineering post up here more often. Hadn’t had much of a chance to do that on his last ship. Hard to justify visiting the bridge when the Dominion are pounding on the ship… Hammond brought himself back out of his memories and continued his deflector adjustments.

    “On my way, Commander.” Rosheen took a moment to rummage through the one remaining unpacked box before adding the tool to her medkit and heading for the Transporter Room.

    “Temporal cascade beginning,” Cal confirms. They watch as the disrupted space-time writhes for a moment, almost fighting, and then releases; the smaller of the ships shifts and bobs free of its clutches. The larger ship remains still and untouched. “Everything looks good, anomaly is responding…the small ship is free. Looks like the larger ship may be too centralized for the cascade to reach. I’ll monitor it alongside the anomaly.”

    “Ensign Watson, transport whoever is on that ship to transporter room one. Have the transporter room hold them in the buffer until Commander Bancroft is ready.”

    “Gaining a pattern lock on the occupant. Increasing power to the buffer, signal is locked. Energizing remotely Captain.” Clara called out, not really sure why she was calling out. Maybe in her mind, she was going through the steps, to make sure she did not miss a step. The person on the other ship, was successfully beamed over to Transporter room.

    “Well done, ensign,” Rae replied. The captain activated the comm. “Bridge to Commander Bancroft. Your guests are waiting in the buffer.”

    Commander Elgor Rae
    Commanding Officer

    Elgor Rae
    Elgor Rae

    A joint post by:
    Elgor Rae, Aerith Terovn, Cal Everett, Clara Watson, and Beryl Hammond

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Bridge
    // Episode Day 21, 0405 Hours

    Commander Rae joined the crewman stepping in for Tavin and stood behind the tactical station monitoring the situation in the transporter room. “Alright people,” he said aloud to the deck. “We need to come up with a plan to free that larger ship next. We’ll potentially  need to get out quickly as well if they turn out to not be friendly. Suggestions?”

    Cal turns slightly in their seat. “The cascade has reached its peak, so the anti-tachyons on the deflector shields won’t free it on its own. I think the problem is the distance. If we can get closer we might be able to free it the same way, but the eddies are still in full flux right now—that’ll make it difficult to get the Diligent itself closer.”

    “I’ve been reviewing the data we collected from freeing the smaller ship… I agree closer would be necessary if we were to try again without help. But I think we could accomplish effectively the same thing with multiple ships. If we position our shuttlecrafts and worker bees around the bubble and operate their deflectors in tandem with ours, we should create a strong enough inverse tachyon burst to free the larger ship.” Hammond turned towards the captain to deliver his idea. This was exactly the environment he had been looking for. Unknown anomalies, uncharted space, and team work to overcome problems. Awesome.

    “Will the deflector shields on the shuttles be strong enough?” Cal asks. “Or the shuttles themselves strong enough to withstand the eddies when their shields are modified?”

    “Um…. let me run some numbers…” Hammond mumbled and typed. “To answer your second question, no. Not if they fly like the Diligent does. We have the luxury of blundering a bit, no offense Conn. The shuttles will need to be much more precise in their maneuvers. If we take the time to map out the eddies in the area, and then compare it to the required formation we’ll need, we should be able to calculate safe positions and courses for the shuttles.” Hammond exclaimed, pleased.

    “As to their deflectors, I believe so. I’m still running some simulations to figure out the configuration we’ll need. Obviously the Diligent will be providing the most strength to the field, but I am pretty certain we can place the shuttles in key positions to provide enough of a boost. Honestly though, figuring that out might be more your field, commander. If you are willing to take over those calculations, I can get working on reconfiguring our shuttles. Er… if this all sounds good, captain?” Hammond stopped himself, halfway to the turbolift, and made his way back to his station. He was getting a little too excited about this new project, but he should probably get the actual go-ahead first…

    Rae nodded, “best plan we’ve got. Start making preparations, we’ll hold off on taking any action until we find out more from Commander Bancroft. We’re going to need to pull that ship through ourselves once we’ve disrupted the field though. We can’t assume they’ll know the situation or react quick enough on their own. I want our tractor beam range and strength reinforced as much as we can. We’ll yank them out ourselves. That still leaves sealing that rift though.”

    Terovn had been reviewing navigational data and maintaining the Diligent’s position outside of the various eddies around them. He had not much to offer to the team up until this point. “Captain.” The young helmsman looked back to Rae. “I’m confident I can get us in closer when the time comes.” It would be a piloting challenge for sure, and he would not be able to close the distance between the Diligent and the other vessel completely by any means. It would however, mean less strain on the shuttles when the time came to utilize them.

    Cal shifts and rubs their face thoughtfully, exhausted, but the officers on the bridge and the problem ahead of them was in hyper-focus. “Any help to the shuttles will give us more control on that bigger ship, thanks, Terovn. And sealing the rift might take some doing. We know anti-tachyons affect contorted space-time enough to give us some wiggle room, but we might need a concentrated blast or injection to get at the heart of this thing in order to seal it for good. We might be able to  get some ideas or specifics from the Vidiian onboard; they might have some data we don’t. In the meantime, is there a way we can rig up either a concentrated anti-tachyon beam or explosive? Might do that if we put as much energy into this rift as was used to create it, we can make it implode on itself.”

    “Can we escape the blast radius in time?” Clara was wondering, as she looked over to Cal. She hoped that Cal had ran a few simulations on this idea. It was pretty bold, and it appeared to have a good chance of being successful. Clara debated on running her own simulation. But that would be pointless if Cal already ran a simulation.

    Cal tips their head from side to side, considering. “Depends on a lot of things, Watson. I’d have to coordinate with engineering or tactical about the power of the explosion we’re even capable of creating, if any at all. If we’re capable, once I know how big we can make our boom I can work out everything else.”

    “This will be one for the books.” Clara said with a big smile on her face. “If I can help out, please let me know.” She said, as she started to imagine in her head, what this was going to look like. She wanted to get to the ship, as bad as they did.

    “You’re not wrong about that,” Rae chuckled. “Alright, Ensign Terovn I’ll trust your piloting for this. If we’re putting worker bees out in space to assist in this situation, I don’t want them manned though. Ensign Watson coordinate a plan with helm to remotely control them. We’ll man the shuttles but those bees have won’t have any protection, and I don’t think we can predict what this thing is going to do with any certainty. Anything temporal is a headache in waiting.”

    Rae heard the sound of the comm chirp. “Tavin to bridge. One Vilidian aboard – incapacitated. He was fine when he arrived and promptly fell unconscious. We’ve moved him to the bridge. The doctor is looking him over now. The XO is on station in medical with our team.”

    “Understood, keep me updated. We’re putting together a plan to rescue the second ship, but let’s make sure they’re not going to try to harvest our organs as thanks,” he finished before closing the channel.

    Commander Elgor Rae
    Commanding Officer

    Elgor Rae
    Elgor Rae

    A joint post by:
    Elgor Rae, Marcus Bancroft, Tavin Th’Vhiallal, and Rosheen Hughes

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Transporter Room One
    // Episode Day 21, 0405 Hours

    Tavin entered the transporter room with a security detail of two enlisted. The fluctuation of the transport buffer suggested 1-3 individuals and Tavin pulled his phaser from it’s holster. After ensuring it would at a minimum stun anyone brazen enough to try something he commanded his enlisted into discreet tactical positions near the platform. 

    “Captain, security perimeter established. Commander the room is ready for you.”

    Bancroft moved behind the transporter console, where Chief Quinlan was stationed. A member of the diminutive Evora race, she had recently been promoted to Transporter Chief. Never wanting to leave anything to chance, the executive officer reviewed the readouts on the display himself. He tapped a few controls and verified that the transport had been a success.

    “No Vidiians leave this room except on my order,” he said, to the other officers in the room. “Dr. Hughes, the biofilter is not registering any unknown pathogens, but we will still need full medical scans.”

    “Right-o,” said Rosheen as she entered the room. Setting her tricorder to begin with a wide area scan once the transport was complete, she stood next to one of the security personnel in the event that something unexpected happened immediately following transport.

    // Vidiian Expedition Cruiser Rennar, Shuttlecraft Neta
    // Mordred Nebula
    // Several Years Later

    Riosh felt as if he was holding his breath while he keyed the final sequence and scanned the local readout one more time. The Neta took final readings of the new superstructure the alliance had constructed, and it was a wonder to behold. Golden spires connected to form a gateway with a vacant center. His craft drifted in closer now than the captain of the Rennar would like, but he ignored his better instinct to pull away. This would be the culmination of years of research and he wanted to make sure everything went according to plan. He wanted the best view of the bunch.

    Nearby, the countdown timer on his secondary terminal reached its end. He watched the final seconds tick by. Through his viewport he could see the light from the Rennar’s particle projector fire. A bright orange hue that lit the interior of the nebula and drove back the darkness that had engulfed this place before.

    Simultaneously, the nearby Starfleet ship opposite the Rennar projected its own golden pulse from the ships navigational deflector. Riosh monitored the field strength, the gravitational intensity, he adjusted his crafts shields to compensate for the sheers that were bouncing it. His shuttles computer began running a complex series of modifications to inject into the field via its own particle projector. Everything was as they had projected. Until it wasn’t.

    In a moment a shockwave expanded from the center of the new portal. The shuttlecraft Neta, the Rennar, the Starfleet ship – all went dark on impact, drifting gently away from the center of the event. Riosh scrambled to understand what was happening, it defied the models. The expanding wave reversed suddenly, collapsing inwards as the space in front of Riosh lit up. The most brilliant light he had ever seen seemed to explode into the cockpit of his shuttle as the vessel was pulled in. Behind it, the Rennar suffered the same fate, pulled suddenly inwards by the force of the collapse. The Starfleet vessel behind it regaining its footing, cycling to back up systems, and extending a tractor beam to stabilize the faltering Rennar, grabbing it as the portal tried to collapse around it.

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Transporter Room One
    // Present Day

    “Energizing now,” Bancroft said, taking the step of activating the sequence himself, with three fingers on the transport initiator. The transporter hummed to life and a column of light emerged on the platform, quickly resolving into a humanoid being that was altogether unfamiliar. Rather than the mottled and mismatched skin that the team was expecting, it was someone that appeared to be in perfect health. “I am Commander Marcus Bancroft of the Federation starship Diligent. We pulled your shuttle out of a subspace anomaly… Were you being pursued by the Vidiians?” he asked.

    The new guest scanned the room with their eyes, displaying a hint of vague interest, quickly replaced by confusion. They recognized these uniforms, or something like them. The color schemes were familiar, the patterns not altogether unusual. Something felt wrong though. Being pursued by the Vidiians? the new arrival  wondered for a moment. He was Vidiian. He glanced down at his hands, detecting a hint of tension on the room when he did so. He couldn’t speak. Something felt wrong. His body cold. A moment later, he was on the ground.

    Rosheen hadn’t waited for him to hit the ground before beginning to move toward him, but couldn’t reach him in time to stop his head from hitting the transporter pad. “Get us to sickbay!” she yelled at Bancroft while hoisting the man fireman style, at the same time hitting her combadge. “Hughes to Sickbay. Incoming alien casualty.”

    Bancroft frowned at the lack of deference as he inputted the new destination into the transporter console, before stepping around up onto the pad with the doctor, Tavin, and their unconscious guest. He pointed to the two security guards.

    “You two, meet us in sickbay,” he ordered. “Chief Quinlan, energize.”

    The four of them disappeared off of the transporter pad and rematerialized seconds later one deck down in sickbay, with the alien on the main surgical biobed in the isolation alcove. Bancroft holstered his phaser pistol and crossed his arms.

    “Who and what is this?” he asked.

    Tavin quickly holstered his Phaser and moved to keep an eye over the working medical team. Their patient didn’t show any external injuries, whatever had happened was the result of the anomaly. Maybe it could have been a result of the new radiation introduced when they tractored the small ship from the outskirts of the field.

    “Sorry about earlier, Commander,” said Hughes. “To answer one of your questions, he’s Vidiian. I’ll let him answer who he is himself once he’s awake, which won’t be for a other few minutes.” Turning off a scanner, she sighed. “He suffered a real shock from the temporal displacement caused by the transport, and there were some other aftereffecfs that I’ve corrected.  Fortunately we have a lot of data on Vidiian physiology thanks to Voyager.”

    “Sir. I’ll keep Ensigns Monroe and Parish on rotation for the medical team’s safety but before you or I interact with our guest we need to make sure we’re not going to be affected by whatever caused this.” While Tavin didn’t want to interrupt the good doctor his concern had to be for the tactical safety of the ship. “Doctor. I trust there is nothing that can contaminate the ship being radiated from him?” A grimace crosses his face when he recalls the numerous safety violations that just occurred.

    Tapping his combadge “Tavin to bridge. One Vilidian aboard –  incapacitated. He was fine when he arrived and promptly fell unconscious. We’ve moved him to the bridge. The doctor is looking him over now. The XO is on station in medical with our team.”

    Commander Elgor Rae
    Commanding Officer

    Clara Watson

    A joint post by:
    Beryl Hammond, Emily Patterson (NPC), and Clara Watson

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Bridge
    // Episode Day 21, 0500 Hours

    While the away proceeds, Clara finds herself figiting in her chair, waiting on any update from the first officer, and the other members of the crew. She had a feeling that the day was going to be long. Her adrenline was pumping, from the uncertainty. “I wonder how they are doing?” Clara said, breaking the silence on the bridge.

    “Copy that, establishing a com link to the bee’s. We are in business. As soon as you get those shuttles ready we can proceed with the mission.” Clara said, as she looked over to Egor with a big grin on her face. She felt very useful at the moment. For a brief moment, she felt like she had nothing to do. Clara noticed things went a little silent, till she saw her good friend approaching her.

    “Emily, what brings you to the bridge?” Clara asked, looking at the time. It was only 0510 hours.

    “I was told to man the engineering station.” She said, looking over at the station, and noticing someone at it. She decided before she took her station, to at least say hi. She could tell that Clara looked a little busy. She wondered what she was working on with Lieutenant Hammond.

    “My shift almost up, wanna get breakfast together?” Clara asked with a big grin on her face. She needed something to eat.

    “My shift too, meet at the mess hall, normal time?” Emily asked, with a big grin on her face.

    “Works for me.” Clara said, as the scene starts to fade.

    Elgor Rae
    Elgor Rae

    A joint post by:
    Elgor Rae, Marcus Bancroft, Tavin Th’Vhiallal, Rosheen Hughes, and T’Laruk Akaigan

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Sickbay
    // Episode Day 21, 0425 Hours

    After a few minutes, the Vidiian lying before them began to stir. A change in breathing pattern as his body tried to cope with its fatigued state. His arm twitched as he recognized he could control it once more, and his eyes opened to the lights of an artificial environment. He turned his head to see those gathered in the space with him, unsure of what to make of the situation. He remained calm however, somewhat at ease, as if he recognized something. Forcing the words finally he managed to say, “where?”

    Commander Bancroft stepped towards the patient. Their momentary interaction from was seemingly forgotten. “I’m Commander Bancroft,” he began again. “You’re aboard the Federation starship Diligent. We pulled your shuttle out of a subspace anomaly.”

    “I am…Riosch…Riosch Len,” he said hesitantly, his eyes scanning the room. Riosch felt his head pounding along with an intense vertigo he couldn’t shake. You are Federation? Were you sent to observe? I don’t recognize this ship…” he trailed off.

    “What do you mean ‘sent to observe’?” Bancroft interjected.

    Riosch ignored him, instead gripping his forehead. “Something is wrong, you are human but you don’t look Federation. What are you doing here…what have you done to me?” he continued hurriedly, giving in to the frustration. The feeling of sickness and disorientation beginning to overcome his rationality.

    “Take yer time, lad,” Rosheen said softly. “You’ve just had a bit of a shock.” She paused, deciding how best to explain what had happened to him.

    “Your ship got stuck in a kind of… temporal anomaly. You’ll be able to see it once you’ve recovered. Is there anything you can tell us about what was happening before you got here?”

    “A temporal anomaly?” Riosch replied. “That doesn’t sound right. That’s not what should have happened. And you…you’re not supposed to be here.”

    “I’m not sure what you mean by that,” Bancroft replied hesitantly.

    “Was this your doing? Did you sabotage my work?” Riosch asked, pointing a finger.

    Commander Bancroft raised his hands in front of him calmly. “We don’t even know what your work is, we’re just here to help,“ he said, tapping him commbadge.

    “Bancroft to Doctor Akaigan. You’re needed in Sickbay.”

    “Acknowledged.”  T’Laruk had a short walk from his office. Upon entering Sickbay, he stepped into Rosheen’s office, and she joined him. “Amhrasach go míréasúnach?” he asked in a hushed voice.

    She shook her head. “Níl sé ar an eolas faoin aimhrialtacht ama –  mearbhall den chuid is mó.  Chuaigh rud cearr le turgnamh dá chuid agus is cosúil go bhfuil sé ina locht orainn. Ar chóir dó an otharlann a fhágáil?”

    “A ligean ar a fháil amach.”  T’Laruk left the office and approached the Diligent’s new guest. “I apologize for using a language that probably isn’t in your translator yet. The Doctor and I were just discussing what’s happened to you.”

    While T’Laruk was speaking to the Vidiian Riosch, Hughes approached Bancroft. “There’s no sign of any airborne or bloodborne pathogen anywhere near him. It should be safe to let him take a walk with the Counselor, if he so wishes.”

    Bancroft frowned and then looked at their guest, before looking to the doctor and crossing his arms.

    “It is clear that Temporal Prime Directive applies to this situation. He’s not from our time, so no unnecessary contact with the crew. Your reports, in English please, will be classified until we can figure out the specifics,” Bancroft said, chewing on the inside of his lip for a moment. “If you think a walk is best, fine. Keep it to this deck. No sensitive areas. A security escort is non-negotiable,” he added, glancing at the counselor.

    The commander then turned to Riosch. “You’ll have to indulge my caution, sir. We have never met a Vidiian who shows no sign of the Phage and who hasn’t attacked us. We do want to help you, but we need to know more about you,” he said, back to his diplomatic voice.

    “What do you mean I’m not from your time?” Riosch asked confused.

    “We had to use an anti-tachyon pulse to rescue you. Your ship was in stasis out of phase with our space-time, so we don’t know your relative time of origin,” Bancroft said. He grabbed a PADD off of the medical console and tapped a few commands to pull up the relevant sensor data so that their visitor could see it floating in front of him. “Until we can confirm when you are from, it’s Starfleet policy to avoid doing anything that might alter the timeline,” he explained.

    Riosch paused, gathering himself. A haze of confusion sat upon his head, as if the displacement had thrown his senses into chaos. He cut through it, focusing on Bancroft’s words. “Right,” he said, “I understand.”

    Riosch scanned the room again. “Your equipment looks old, but not antiquated. And your uniforms, they’re not the Starfleet I know.” He let out a chuckle and shook his head. “I spent years trying to find a way to move people forward, and here I’ve thrown myself backwards through time. Was I the only one pulled here? Am I alone?”

    “The Starfleet you know,” Bancroft repeated, puzzled for a moment. He shook it off. “No, there is a much larger starship behind your craft. We’re still considering options to disrupt the temporal field that’s holding them,” he explained, widening the view on the sensor overlay to show the Vidiian cruiser behind Riosch’s vessel.

    “What were you attempting to do?”

    “Hm, well the crew of the Rennar certainly won’t be happy with me,” he muttered. “We were,” Riosch continued pridefully, “carrying out one of the greatest experiments in galactic travel. Re-igniting the fallen gateway. Clearing the way through. And apparently throwing ourselves into a space-time fissure,” he shrugged. “Quite a set of feats.”

    The wheels in Bancroft’s mind were quite visibly turning as he considered the ramifications of that statement. “The gateway,” he repeated. He couldn’t help but wonder what that meant for the possible  success of the Diligent’s mission if the Vidiians were trying to restart it in a time presumably forward from theirs, given that the gateway at present was destroyed. “Excuse me,” he said, turning away from the scientist. “Bancroft to the captain. I think it’s time to bring you up to speed, sir. This is… significantly more complicated than we first thought.”

    “Understood, commander,” came Rae’s response over the comm. “Meet in the observation lounge?”

    ‘’Aye, sir,” Bancroft replied, before tapping his badge again. He turned to the doctor and counselor. “Complete whatever evaluations you need to do and do not discuss this with anyone accept myself or the captain until further notice. I’ll be in the observation lounge,” he ordered, before leaving and heading towards the bridge.

    “Understood.”  T’Laruk turned to Riosch, concentrating on the man’s emotions. He was surprisingly calm for someone who’d been through what he had recently. “I would normally suggest you take a tour of the ship to see if it helps you to understand more of what has happened, but right now I think it best that we explain to the Captain what’s going on. Before we go to meet him, however, I’ll need to ask you some questions related to what’s just happened while the Doctor runs a few more tests.  Firstly, and I apologize if this seems like a silly question, but the Vidiians worked with Starfleet?”

    “That’s right,” Riosch replied. “We’ve formed a scientific coalition with your people. Starfleet has noble goals, oft misguided as they are, and your tenacity for acquiring knowledge rivals our own. We make for natural allies. You helped us cure the Phage. Where have you been? Did your old ship get lost out there?”

    Riosch raised his hands in something of a shrug. “Very well,” he said, following his escort out.

    Commander Elgor Rae
    Commanding Officer

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