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    Olepis Blythe
    Olepis Blythe

    Olepis Blythe

    // U.S.S. Diligent, Science Labs: Xenobiology
    // Day 19, 1500 Hours

    Olepis carefully procured the sample of bodily fluid from the lab transportation network. He quickly ran several stain tests. Olepis promptly identified the pink bacilli present in one of the tests. “Escherichia coli,” he announced to himself, “this is the reason for all the abdominal upset going around the crew.”

    The xenobiologist remembered reading historical scientific journals of diseases caused by microorganisms such as this. The suffering brought about by such a simple organism could cause great suffering, even death. Olepis inputed the sample information into the medical database and sent the data off to the medical department. The perfect antibiotic would be created and tailored to treat this specific strain of e. coli. All those effected would be cured in an instant.

    “I tell you with all this incredible advancement, you think we would have figured out how to never become sick in the first place. I suppose, in this case, one could just use the replicator. There is a next to 0% chance of contamination when that tool is used. It is a simple cure, but, then again, so too is the perfectly built antibiotic”

    Olepis sat back in his chair, feeling accomplished. “I think I’ll eat from the replicator tonight.”

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